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  导读:   (来源:沪江英语)   What makes a women sexy? Is it her body? Is it the clothes she wears? Is it her voice? Well guess what, the secret that makes a woman sexy is out here. Here are 8 simple things that will make you sexy。   是什么成就了一...


  What makes a women sexy? Is it her body? Is it the clothes she wears? Is it her voice? Well guess what, the secret that makes a woman sexy is out here. Here are 8 simple things that will make you sexy。


  1.Give your tongue some rest


  Women are believed to be jabber mouths. This is one trait that most men dislike about them. Talking non-stop will only make you seem like a total bimbo. If you can actually listen sometimes instead of only going on talking, you will be such a breath of fresh air to any man. And as sexy as it seems, you not talking so much will actually want every man to know more about you。


  2. Be a little mysterious


  Predictable is so damn boring. Don’t just be like any other woman out there. Don’t be so open about yourself and you will find others more interested in getting to know you. You will become a hot topic that men talk about. A mysterious woman is very sexy。


  3. Give out a nice laugh


  Laughter is the best medicine. Not only will it increase your face value, but it will also make you look so sexy. We’re not talking about a fake laughter with lots of grunting in the middle. We’re talking about a smooth nice laughter, the way they show in movies. This doesn’t mean that you use your sexy laugh for any and everything. Use it at the right time, and it will drive all the men crazy。


  4. Be hard-to-get


  An independent woman who is able to look after herself, is like a challenge for every man. Also a woman, who is strong and not easily driven by sweet talks, appears smart. If you are too easy-to-get, men will find you boring. Men prefer women who pose like a challenge。


  5. Focus on your gait


  Gait refers to the way a women walks. The manner in which a woman makes her grand entrance can make a man fall in love with her. Drooping shoulders and stomping feet furiously while walking looks very bad. However a woman who maintains the right posture and is able to carry her body beautifully as she walks, can make herself look really sexy。


  6. Maintain eye contact


  Maintaining good eye contact is very important. It shows confidence. Again maintaining eye contact doesn’t mean staring. Don’t scare a man off by staring at him as if you are some kind of a psycho. Maintain eye contact when he’s talking to you. With that dreamy look on your eyes, it will make him want to take you somewhere away with him。


  7. Flaunt your confidence


  A woman who is comfortable in her own skin and gives a damn about the whole world, is sexy. Confidence is shown by the way a woman talks, smiles and maintains an eye contact. However also make sure that you understand the difference between confidence and overconfidence. A confident woman appears sexy, while an overconfident woman may appear stupid. So make sure that you know where to draw the line。


  8. Show your intelligence


  It is said that sexiness starts in the mind. The person with the correct set of mind can be really very sexy. This doesn’t mean that you behave like a total wonk. You don’t have to show-off your intelligence all the time. Just show it when the time is right and he will surely notice it。


  Last but not the least don’t be so obsessed about your looks and you will find yourself looking sexier than ever。



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